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NLCS Board in 7-0 Vote Advertise for Vendors for Custodial and Maintenance Services

BEDFORD - (December 16, 2021) - In a 7-0 vote the North Lawrence Community School board approved advertising for Vendor qualifications for Custodial and Maintenance Services.

According to Dr. Ty Mungle this is just a step to see if there is anyone who would be interested in expanding or looking to provide these services.

Following this process, if anyone is interested then school board members would visit these companies and learn more about their company and the services they can provide.

According to Dr. Ty Mungle, he met with the staff to explore this possibility last week and the school corporation would be able to control the agreement. " No one will lose wages, or benefits and we will have to look on how that would play out in transition,".

" As far as maintaining our own equipment and resources we would still be responsible for that. Tonight, this is just to see if someone is interested in providing this type of service. We do not know if companies are expanding or not,"

The request for food services will come at another time according to NLCS Superintendent Dr. Mungle. For food service contracting is a more formal process as the Indiana Department of Education will be more involved in that process.

" We will allow our employees to ask questions, and ask how this transition went in other schools that contracted out these services,"

" We need to hear from employees from other corporations that are with a contractor, not with just the contractor themselves," said Trent Todd president of the North Lawrence Community Schools.

" This cost us nothing, and if this is good for our students, and taxpayers it's a win, " said Jeff Lambrecht.

Maintenance Director Donnie Zollman was in favor of this proposed idea; however, he wants to make sure communications with employees continues. Some of the employees working over 20-30 years with the school corporation and have been dedicated to providing the school corporation with loyalty and top-notch work.

Logan Felts, spoke on behalf of the employees during the public comment period.

" I have got to work with these people over the last 17 years, throughout this process I know this is all preliminary, but timing is key in a lot of things. But right before Christmas, I cannot explain to you the people who have talked to me, being called to a meeting on Friday: the week before Christmas break, they do not know where they stand," said Felts.

" My heart bleeds for these people, because this comes with uncertainty. especially coming into the holiday season," Felts continued.

" These people are heroes, and they are the teacher heroes, and these people are always there. If there is a drain clogged up these people are always there. I want to make sure people are the top of our priority. They are people that are concerned about pensions,"

The school board members responded by saying they are trying to get them better pay and benefits, but if this is not going to help them then they would not go along with this plan.

" We were elected to do the best we can, and with the dollars we have, provide education for our children and jobs for the people in our community. we are looking at every opportunity, in all of those. If I can put these people in position where they are trained a little bit better, modern technology, utilizing modern equipment, better techniques, and chemicals. Then, have upward mobility," said Tracy Bailey.

" With a third party, there is opportunity all over the place. This is about making it better," Bailey added. " This has nothing to do with firing someone and getting rid of payroll, we are not going to do anything unless it better our employees," Bailey concluded.

Felts asked can you guarantee no one will lose their jobs, which all the school board members affirmed.

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