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NLCS Approves selling of surplus property of former Fayetteville and Springville Elementary Schools

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

BEDFORD - MARCH 19, 2023 - The North Lawrence Community School board approved the sale of surplus equipment from the former Fayetteville Elementary and Springville Elementary Schools, Thursday night.

The 6-0 vote by the school board was approved to help with goodwill to the charter schools; who's students could possibly be future students at Bedford North Lawrence High School.

North Lawrence Community School President Wendy Miller was not in attendance during Thursday night's meeting.

Photo: Former Elementary School is now operated by the Lawrence County Independent Schools

The North Lawrence Community school will be offering the surplus equipment first to both charter schools operating in Lawrence County.

Video: NLCS approves sale of surplus equipment from Fayetteville and Springville Elementary Schools

Lawrence County Independent Schools is operating in the former Fayetteville Elementary School building and Springville Community Academy is operating out of the former Springville Elementary School building.

Both charter schools were formed following the vote in January 20202, to close four elementary schools in the corporation. The former NLCS board voted to close Fayetteville, Heltonville, Springville, and Stalker Elementary Schools.

Video: President North Lawrence Education Association Lacy Hawkins ask that NLCS be given a chance to get the surplus property of Fayetteville and Springville Elementary Schools

The proposal did not come without objections; North Lawrence Education Association president Lacy Hawkins asked whether the surplus property was first offered to the NLCS buildings and staff.

Photo: Former Springville Elementary School is now being operated by Springville Community Academy and Rural Affairs Inc.

Interim Superintendent Steve Underwood maintains the equipment was offered to each building principal, and most did not reply to the request.

Hawkins requested that NLCS teachers be offered the equipment before being given to the charter schools.

Video: November 8, NLCS personnel disposed of equipment and material from the former Fayetteville, Springville and Heltonville Elementary Schools. The material taken to the Bedford Recycling Center on Summit Lane in Bedford.

Lawrence County Zephyr asked NLCS attorney Greg Pittman about the surplus equipment that was stored at 514 L Street. Lawrence County Zephyr has learned the property is owned by NLCS attorney Greg Pittman through PH Investments LLC.

" I cannot answer what former Supt. Dr. Ty Mungle did with the surplus equipment that was stored at the property on L Street. The equipment was said to be damaged," said Pittman.

On November 8, 2021, NLCS disposed of several items into a dumpster located on the 514 L Street property, where the surplus property was stored. NLCS then hauled several truckloads of surplus property to Bedford Recycling.

Several desks, chairs, and other equipment were in good condition before being disposed of by school personnel.

By Indiana law surplus equipment must first be offered to the public auction before being disposed of and in accordance with Indiana State law.

Several items were repurposed into other buildings throughout the corporation.

Playground equipment from the elementary schools were removed from the properties and repurposed at other locations within the corporation.

The playground purchases from some of the closed schools came from fundraisers from the PTO's but became property of the NLCS corporation.

In addition, Shawswick Elementary School and PTO is planning a Raffle and Hog Roast to raise funds for Playground equipment on May 6th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Apr 02, 2023

So, is there anything still in decent shape? And where would it be for sale?

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