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NLCS agrees to purchase agreement with the Springville Community Academy

SPRINGVILLE - MARCH 16, 2023 - The North Lawrence Community School board agreed to the purchase agreement with the Springville Community Academy and Rural Affairs in the amount of $20,000 for the property NLCS owns next to their SCA's school building.

Springville Community Academy

The vote on the proposal was 5 Yes and 0 No, North Lawrence President Wendy Miller was not in attendance during the meeting Thursday nigh.

This ends a dispute between the SCA and NLCS following the deed transfer to the school property back to Perry Township as required by Indiana State Law, in 2022.

Prior to this evening's vote, North Lawrence Education Association Vice- President told the board he was not in favor of the proposal. His comments are in the video below.

Video: Vice-President NLEA told NLCS he disagrees with the NLCS proposed agreement with SCA

The property parcel holds a septic system and would not hold any value for the North Lawrence Community School to hold the property.

The Springville Community Academy originally proposed purchasing the property for $10,000 prior to this agreement which was rejected by NLCS.

Video: NLCS agrees to the purchase agreement with SCA

However, SCA had the property appraised and gave the option for NLCS to have their own appraisal of the property, which NLCS declined. The property was appraised at $20,000.

Springville Academy students have the option of either attending Bedford North Lawrence High School or Eastern High School due to the close proximity of both schools.

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