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MITCHELL - DECEMBER 13, 2022 - Mitchell High School Principal Dr. Jeff Bond presented to the Mitchell Community School board the Bluejacket Academy with an educational plan that will begin next Fall of 2023.

The plan will ensure students will be either college ready or ready for a career path of the future.

Students who are struggling in course work are given resources that will allow them to graduate within those four years. at Mitchell High School.

Early Intervention to those who are struggling and improve graduation rates

Principal Bond met with each grade level from freshmen to seniors; talking about the plan to help them succeed. The plan is set to change the growth mindset into making them into a better person and student.

Mitchell High School will be moving to a Block schedule

" Win the Day, that you are better tomorrow than you are today, and better today than you were yesterday," is this year's goal of principal Bond. The ultimate goal is getting better every day, both athletically and academically.

The personal goal of Principal Bond was to gain momentum and move the Mitchell High School in a positive direction. With the help of several staff members the support has been overwhelming.

In the approximate 30-minute presentation by Principal Bond, Assistant Principal Robert Haislip, Guidance Counselor Susan Taylor and Apryl Kidd, COSMOS each talked about the areas where they will be addressing and providing opportunities for every student.

The student will be deciding where they want to move towards in their education and career path.

Three ways a student must graduate in Indiana

" We believe this provides opportunity for our incoming freshman, to better acclimate to the high school environment. We can begin the process of preparing them to what the high school experience is, and at the same time expose them to opportunities that are available,"

In Indiana each student must meet qualifications in three areas in order to graduate.

These must meet 40 credits in order to graduate, using a General Diploma, Technical Honors, Academic Honors, Secondly, they must have Employment Skills, and finally CTE certification, which include SAT, ACT or dual credit.

Mitchell High School staff wanted to create additional opportunities for the students. Students finding full CTE Pathways at Mitchell High School. Beginning next fall the Mitchell High School will have four CTE Offerings over the next three years.

Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Construction Trades are three of the four areas mentioned Monday night.

The Mitchell Community Schools will be working with local partnerships and sponsorships to help execute the new plan at the Mitchell High School.

Construction is already underway to create STEM/STEAM classrooms both in the Junior High and Senior High School level classrooms.

" I am very excited; I think we have a lot of things going on that are directly attributed to a fantastic staff and this has been a great experience so far," said Dr. Bond.

The Mitchell School Board is ready to support the plan and see the educational experience for the Mitchell Community School District students succeed.

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