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New Bedford Police Station nearing Completion

BEDFORD - AUGUST 16, 2023 - The New Bedford Police Station is nearing completion as the Heating and Air Conditioning has finally arrived and installed.

There were manufacturing delays that moved the completion date.

The Bedford Redevelopment Commission approved the payment of $73,789.42 to Fox Construction during their meeting Monay afternoon.

The payments are just also about finished for the approximate $3 million project.

The new Bedford Police Station was purchased for $825,000 and is 13,000 square feet to replace their 1908 building.

The new building will allow for growth and expansion that the current 7,000 square facility is antiquated and no longer can serve the needs of the department. The new facility will address public safety concerns.

The construction of the new facility costs was at $2,024,000 by Fox Construction of Bloomington. A new generator for the facility was purchased for $89,000, and office furniture for the dispatch furniture came in at $82,500.

A grand opening for the public has not been announced.

ADVERTISEMENT Tonya Hudson has 18 years of real estate experience

Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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