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"Never Let it Be Said, We Did Not Move Fast Enough to Help Another Person" - Jenny's House

BEDFORD - SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 - On Friday, a Open House was held at Jenny's House located in the 1700 block of 23rd street to help women transition from drug addiction into a better life.

Open House for Jenny's House on Friday

Many of those women have made their way into the legal system to which can be an Open-Door to a better life if they accept the help. Jenny's House can offer support to those women who want to reach a sober lifestyle.

In his comments on Friday, President, Gen. Jonathan George, Families Forever told a story that while in his military career and a new lieutenant that his commander said, " Never Let it be said, we did not move fast enough to help another person,"

President families Forever Jonathan George's comments in video below:

Left to right - Shandi Gerkin, Jen Thomas, Amber Mathis, Linda Henderson, and Tammy Neideffer of Families Forever

The process to recovery may be slow and one step at a time. However, many community members have stepped up to make sure that those needing resources have them available.

What is Jenny's House? They are four pillars of long-term recovery which what the mission of Jenny's House is set out to do.

A place of community -

The four pillars of Recovery include:

Housing, Health, Purpose and Community and many community leaders worked together to renovate the home on 23rd Street to help women reach the goals of recovery.

A team will help teach life skills, provide support groups, and recovery groups right within Jenny's House. Families Forever will be in the home to make sure everything is going fine and assist with other needs the women may require.

The women will go through an initial screening. As well as a set criteria that will disqualify some for the house, which will include severe mental illness. According to Families Forever as the program grows there will be a phone screen process for referrals.

Once a person is accepted, they will meet with a House Manager or representative. Which will introduce to them to the program and expectations. Currently, the group is in search of that house manager.

The process will be lengthy for those selected for the program; with the day they move in the will have some pre-living conditions that will have to be taken care of. The process for the client then, will progress to the programing to help them lead to recovery in the weeks following their intake.

Former Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge Michael Robbins helped spear head the project working with those throughout the community. Robbins working to make Jenny's House a place of hope for those wanting to be different from where they have been.

Many organizations helped with this project including Hoosier Uplands.

Judge Michael Robbins make remarks during the Open House of Jenny's House

Sobriety can be obtained for those who seek out the help and have a community full of supporters to help them achieve that goal.

(During the Open-House in attendance got to tour the facilities, which include a kitchen area, bathrooms, living room, and dining area)

The capacity of the home will help with six women at a time, with the first six months of the opening to reach certification the program will only be able to accept three.

Families Forever hope they can get the first candidates for recovery in the home soon. There is no exact timeline of when that will take place.

For those who want more information about Families Forever can go to their Facebook page.

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