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Needmore Elementary School Holds Pep Rally for Robitics Team Thursday Afternoon

NEEDMORE - (March10, 2022) - Needmore Elementary School held a pep rally for its Robotics Team Thursday afternoon.

The Needmore Robotics teams is now ranked in the top 4 percent in the State of Indiana and the other team is ranked in the top 7 percent of the state.

They have dominated at all of their competitions this year.

This Saturday, the Needmore Robitiics teams will be headed to the state Finals at the Lucas Oil Stadium to compete in the Indiana State Robotics Championship against other top finalists in the state.

" If this would have been a basketball team, the community would be celebrating with cheers and screams. We wanted the same kind of excitement for these students who have accomplished so much," said Needmore Elementary School principal Susan Petty.

" We wanted to have the students aware of what the Robotics Team does, and the accomplishments the team have made over the year,' said Leu Kuehn Coach of the Needmore Robotics.

On February 12th, the Needmore Robo- Toppers won first place in the Robotics Tournament. There were two teams took first place and the second team earned second place over 20 other competing teams.

The first event was a virtual competition, with all the schools meeting in their own schools. This was done over a computer screen, at the end there were two teams that entered both won first place. This win gave the team an opportunity to go the state competition.


On February 26th, Needmore Robotics team took first place and third place in driving alliance and first and fourth place in the skills portion at the tournament in Seymour, out of 41 other competing teams. The programmer got sick on the morning of this competition and could not participate. But, while sick at home he talked to another teammate through the programming over the phone.

This is Kuehn's third year as a Robotics Coach, and her first year was at Fayetteville Elementary School were that team was able to go the state competition. The second year, competitions were affected by the COVID pandemic.

History of the Needmore Robotics and given their Topper Hats


Fourth Grade

  • Jay Mayer

  • Lonnie Gonzales

Fifth Grade

  • Tate Tuner

  • Sadie Luellen

  • Forum Patel

  • Will Thompson

  • Hunter Chastain

  • Leo Mayer

Sixth Grade

  • Saeben Arce

  • Blake Beeson

  • Ethan Fulford

  • Nathan Tomlin

Needmore Robo - Toppers Finale

The Lawrence County Zephyr would like to congratulate the Needmore Robo-Toppers on a successful year, and good luck on Saturday in Indianapolis.

Proud sponsor of the Lawernce County Zephyr

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