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Narcan Box Installed at Ruffcut Church in Mitchell

MITCHELL - (January 21, 2022) - Becky Smith lost her son on April 26, 2021, Steven Patrick Hopper due to an overdose. Her son known as Patty died alone, Smith who cites Lawrence County's drug issue is a major problem, specifically Mitchell her hometown.

Steven Patrick ( Patty) Hopper, Hopper died at the age of 28 years of age of an overdose

" The cemeteries are filling up with those age 30 and younger," said Smith. " My son struggled with addiction for over ten years. He was in sobriety, and was clean at one year, but relapsed

Becky Smith has worked since her son's death in getting a Narcan box installed in Mitchell

Smith does not want families, parents, loved ones to go through the same grief she has experienced.

A patty pack was distributed at this year's Persimmon Festival and is available for free, includes a bible

" We are losing a generation due to addiction. We as Christians must have a burden for these souls," added Smith.

" I can speak on personal experience, without Narcan I would not be here today. Narcan has been used on me multiple times, it is time people see me as a lost soul. But with the Narcan it has spared my life and helped restore my soul," said Nathan King who spoke during the brief service Friday afternoon.

Brandon Bauer and Nathan King stand by the new Narcan box located at 201 Warren Street in Mitchell at RuffCut Church

" We may look at someone son or daughter and say they are too far gone, they have been in addiction for years, but I say they have the same chance that was afforded me," King added.

" But that is one more person that we can tell them about Jesus, one more soul won to Christ. I think until all churches come together, we are going to continue to struggle,"

" I think this has been needed for a very long time. Becky has been working on this project since April. This does save lives and hopefully, this gives those a chance to turn their lives around," said Mitchell Mayor J.D. England who attended the service.

The Ruffcut Ministries continues to minister to those who face addiction issues.

The Narcan box will be stocked at the church 201 West Warren Street in Mitchell.

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