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My Yellow Rickshaw Entertains - Shelbration After

BEDFORD - MARCH 4, 2023 - The group "My Yellow Rickshaw provided the entertainment following the 11th year of the Shelferbration fundraiser for Becky's Place.

Following the auction, the attendees was entertained with My Yellow Rickshaw who took the crowd from the 70s to current music that the attendees have come to know and love.

The Indianapolis Band is the self-proclaimed #1 Pop, Rock, Bluegrass, R&B Cover Band.

" My Yellow Rickshaw " Boldy take you where no cover band has gone before.

Since 2009, this rotating group of friends, neighbors and musicians have been entertaining folks around Indianapolis with humor, variety and seamless covers into every show. From Taylor Swift to Timberlake, Zac Brown Band, to Alabama. The Temptations to Van Morrison, Cyndi Lauper to Gun's N Roses, TLC to Usher, plenty of top 40 and hip hop and even an Irish gig or two, you will hear musical selections from the 50s to today's current hits.

With a refreshing lineup of sounds that includes, fiddle, mandilion, upright bass, harmonica and melodica.

The group founded in 2009 by childhood friends Nathan Klatt, Eric Maitlen and Steve Hueber, the band name gets its origin from Eric and Steve, while spending an extended period of time on a mission trip in India.

Eric and Steve befriended a rickshaw driver named Gopal Sigh, who quite aptly, drove a yellow rickshaw for a living. It quite bizarre tale but absolutely true - hence the name, goofiness, and overall sense of joy/happiness that exudes from the band.

Now in 2018, the band continues to play on a regular schedule, at a variety of events and locations.

Nathan Klatt - plays the fiddle, mandolin, vocals " Beefcake" - at the tender age of 7, Nathan's father walked him into the local arts council, and upon hearing the sweet sounds of Suzuki volume one violin notes ascending atmospherically into the air, caused magically zenith where fate and destiny irrevocably intertwined.

Jeremy Lee - Drums and percussion - Jeremy was born and raised in Hartford City, Indiana. He taught himself to play drums with one arm at the ripe old age of 11, after seeing a Def Leppard video on MTV and thinking, " How hard can it be? " He continued playing as he attended Indiana University and earned a degree in Phycology while minoring in Thumb War Strategy, He graduated with a 5.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale joining Chuck Norris as the only man in history to do so.

Jonas Miller - Keyboards, vocals, harmonica, melodica, - He is the most recent addition to the band, typically hanging out among the keyboards. You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish,

His playing and singing have been described as "crisp like lettuce,"

Steven Lott - Audio Engineer, photographer and public relations.

Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick - Drums and percussion - Straight out of North Central High School "Fitzy" honed his chops practicing hard core music and playing worship music at his Baptist church as a kid.

Rick Stump - Guitar & Vocals Rick joined the band in 2012. He is one of the best of 2 best guitarist in the band. He lives on a farm with his wife, seven kids, and 23 animals. He arrives to shows mysteriously elliptically orbits the stage playing inconceivable guitar solos and vanishes without a trace like a blue dwarf star.

Coery Carleton - Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals - " I love the bass, I play my bass every day. The band has changed since I joined,"

And of course, many took to the dance floor to " Beat of the Music" and had a wonderful time Saturday night

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