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More than 360 Attend Becky's Place Shelterbration Saturday Night

BEDFORD - MARCH 5, 2023 - Saturday night was a "Good Night" for one of the largest fundraisers for Beck'ys Place at the Shamrock Center in Bedford.

Becky's Place has been a place to offer a woman and children shelter for more than 13 years in the Bedford area.

According to Corina Hayes, Program Director, Becky's Place more than 360 supporters attended Saturday nights event.

The exact dollar amount for the event has not yet, been released but the group held a public and private auction for the event with several items donated.

This would make the 11th year for this important fundraiser.

" We are excited about this event, with the great number of volunteers and people who donated towards this event, with wonderful sponsors. The event came together so well. Tonight, we had over 360 attended the event," said Hayes.

Two people were awarded during these evenings evert which were Mike Hunsacker, who own Hunsacker Consulting. Mike is an IT guy, who comes and volunteers at Beck's Place, to work on our computers, or for the ladies who want computer classes.

Spartan Mechanical was the second business that was honored, they have done a lot of work for Becky's Place and do such a great job for the shelter.

Video: Brittany Johnson tells her story

Brittany Johnson, told of how Becky's Place was able to help her succeed from having no place to live, and able to find her a place to live and getting her five children back from the Department of Children Services in nine months. She now has her own home, and this is just one of many success stories at Becky's Place.

Video: Standing Ovation for Brittany Johnson

"The people who came out is the reason why, Becky's Place is able to stay open, and these people have been so wonderful to us. We could not be more thankful. The shelter serves about 80 to 115 women annually. There is always a waiting list of women who are needing assistance from Becky's Place, because the facility is at capacity. As someone moves out, we are trying to get someone moved in," added Hayes.

The needs for Becky's Place are all year long, from not only financial donations, but supplies that help the shelter keep things clean, and children supported while they stay at the shelter.

Becky's Place can be supported all year round by going to their Facebook page and finding out what the current needs are. The shelter normally has an estimated $360,000 a year in expenses. The smallest donations help, go a long way in keeping the shelter operating.

Photo: Tim Thompson trying to get the bids up on every item during the auction Saturday night

Following the auction, " The Yellow Rickshaw" performed, and the Lawrence County Zephyr highlighted this group from Indianapolis, Indiana. In the end it was a " Good Night" for the Shelter and for a worthy cause.

Video: "The Yellow Rickshaw" performance following the auction at the Shelterbration, it was a "Good Night" for all those who took part in the 11th Annual Fundraiser

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