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Monroe Fire Protection Seeks Baby Box For Fire Station

MONROE COUNTY - (February 15 ,2022) - Have you heard of a Safe Haven Baby Box?

A Safe Haven Baby Box works in conjunction with the Indiana Safe Haven Law to provide a safe place for individuals to surrender their unwanted newborn, without the risk of criminal prosecution.

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes are equipped with an alarm that notifies 911 once

the door is opened, are climate controlled, and lock once the door is closed on the outside.

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Emergency personnel can then retrieve the baby from the inside in a matter of minutes from being placed in the box giving the newborn a higher chance of survival.

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes cost $15,000 dollars to install, and require an annual

maintenance fee to ensure all systems operate correctly. These boxes are funded by donations from the citizens, businesses, and local organizations in the community.

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If you would like to donate to the installation of a baby box here in Monroe County you can

visit https://www.facebook.com/1539633222969035/posts/2977296139202729/ or you can also find Safe Haven Baby Boxes on Facebook for more information about the program and all the newborns it has helped.


The 99th Safe Haven box was installed at the Monticello Fire Department on Monday, February 14, 2022. The box was the 78th baby box installed in Indiana.

For more information on go to https://shbb.org/

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