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Monroe Fire Protection District Responds to Multiple Calls Early July 4th

MONROE COUNTY - , July 4, 2022 – Monroe Fire Protection District was called to

multiple calls overnight.

Just before one o’clock this morning Station 24 and 25 were called North Tunnel Road for a

UTV that rolled and was upside down. Firefighters arrived on scene to a UTV with heavy damage to it and the driver still sitting in the seat. Bystanders from another UTV who saw the accident flipped the UTV upright on its wheels before emergency crews arrived.

Firefighters provided medical care to the patient until the arrival of IU Health Lifeline ambulance who transported the patient to the hospital for further evaluation.

At 1:06am while units were responding to the UTV accident two more calls came in at

the same time, one for a lost person on the Pate Hollow hiking trail in Paynetown, and

the second a structure fire in the 2400 block of Schacht Rd.

Stations 21, 29, and Battalion 29 responded to the lost hiker call. Firefighters arrived in

the area and trekked out on the trail in two different directions to attempt to locate the

hiker. Dispatchers were able to stay in phone contact with the hiker the entire time

helping to guide firefighters to them. The hiker was also unable to yell for help so they

were instructed to bang on a tree with a stick to help rescuers find them by the sound.

Dispatchers continued to provide firefighters with coordinate updates and keep the lost

hiker calm until firefighters arrived. After approximately two-hours of searching

firefighters located the hiker and was able to guide them out of the woods. The hiker

was not injured and was just lost.

Units responding to the structure fire were Station 22, 23, 39, Battalion 22 and

Ellettsville Station 81. Firefighters arrived on scene of Schacht Rd to find a fully

engulfed detached pole barn on fire. Due to the already extensive fire growth and

damage to the building firefighters made a defensive attack on the fire from the outside.

Once the main body of fire was extinguished crews spent a few hours pulling sheet

metal and other debris out of the structure exposing other hidden pockets of fire.

The homeowners were home at the time of the fire. The homeowner’s son noticed

smoke coming from the garage and woke up his father. When they got to the garage

and opened the door they noticed a piece of equipment inside the building was on fire.

The homeowners attempted to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but the fire was

growing too quickly, so they left and called 911. The garage and contents inside are a

total loss, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Around 4:30am as fire units cleared the structure fire and lost hiker calls fire units were

dispatched to a vehicle fire at Woodland Springs Apartments. Firefighters from Station

29 arrived to find a minivan fully engulfed with smoke and flames. The car owner

actually, got in the van while it was still on fire to move it out of the parking spot away

from other vehicles and the building. They then went to retrieve a fire extinguisher and

when they returned the car was completely consumed by fire. Firefighters arrived on

scene and were able to quickly extinguish the fire. The cause of the fire is still under


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