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Monroe County Correctional Officer Fired - No criminal charges filed

MONROE COUNTY - FEBRUARY 11, 2023 - A Monroe County Correctional Officer was fired after he fractured an inmate's nose on January 31, 2023.

The Monroe County Correctional officer was moving the inmate from his holding cell to a medical cell due to health issues.

Monroe County Sheriff Ruben Marte ordered the investigation after reviewing body camera footage.

Monroe County Sheriff Marte decided to terminate correctional officer James Mitchell. This comes after Mitchell striking the inmate in the head, while the other two correctional officers try to restrain the inmate. The use of force policy was violated according to the sheriff in a Facebook posting released on Friday by the department.

The incident took place when a confrontation developed between the inmate and the correctional officers and the inmate threatening the correctional officers several times.

The correctional officers entered the cell to restrain the inmate who fought with the officers and injured the Mitchell's lip during the incident.

Mitchell striking the inmate's head several times before being told to leave the room by another correctional officer.

A criminal investigation was completed by both the Monroe County Prosecutor's office and the Indiana State Police who determined that no criminal charges will be filed.

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