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Model - A Club from Bloomington and Columbus Indiana visit Lawrence County Wednesday

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JUNE 28, 2023 - The Model - A Club from Bloomigton and Columbus Indiana made a visit to Lawrence County on Wednesday.

The visit was coordinated by Lawrence County Tourism Director Tonya Chastain who helped guide the group through the area.

" We came down today to see Green Hill Cemetery, Lawrence County Museum, and taking the group through the countryside on the way back to Bloomington," said Phil Sutton who led the group of drivers and passengers on Wednesday's tour.

There were about 15 cars in the group, with a total of 27 individuals going along for the ride. People coming from Bloomington, Columbus, Franklin, Indianapolis, North Veron and Salem.

" We would have liked to take a tour of a quarry, or mill," said Sutton.

All the cars were Model - A's in the fleet, except one Studebaker, and people were stopping by off the streets to take a look at the special vehicles that was a rarity in this day and age.

The group had a fun time visiting Lawrence County.


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