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Mitchell Takes Delivery of new trash truck - new trash pick-up will start once training is complete

MITCHELL - MARCH 7, 2024 - The City of Mitchell took delivery of their new trash truck this week.

The city employees will be training on the new truck for the next several weeks to give them plenty of time to get familiar with its operation.

The City of Mitchell passed a new ordinance for large item pickup that will take place on Wednesdays.

Below trash ordinance City of Mitchell:

Residents are asked to call the water department at 812 - 849-4168 to be placed on the pick up list for large items or to find out any additional information.

Residents will receive additional information in regards to trash pick-up and requirements in the near future.

The new fee of $14 will begin this month, and will raise to $15 in 2025.

For breaking news and information go to go to the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page.

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Joey Simpson
Joey Simpson
Mar 08

You do great work sir and thank you for disseminating the ordinance

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