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Mitchell School Board Member Brooking Honored for her service to Mitchell School Board

MITCHELL - DECEMBER 14, 2022 - Mrs. Whitney Reed was congratulated for receiving a $4,000 grant from the College Player Football Playoff Foundation recently. The STEAM and Collab teacher at Burris and Hatfield Elementary School and is working to improve the classrooms and create more opportunities for students.

Mitchell School Board member Cynthia Brooking was honored during her last school board meeting. Her contributions to the Mitchell Community School system are enormous and advocating for every Mitchell student have been recognized.

Brooking who sought re-election lost in her bid for another term. However, Brooking was a very active school board member who asked a lot of questions throughout her term.

The Mitchell Community School Board approved a $17 Million Capital Improvement Project without tax increases, and this year, taxpayers in Mitchell Community School system will see a small property tax decrease due to the financial health of the school corporation.

Early this year, Brooking received the Advanced Governance Award from the Indiana School Board Association from the Indiana School Board Association. She was one of 179 school board members recognized by the SBA.

Brooking served with the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission who was engaged in the conversation even though that position was a non-voting position. Brooking making sure interests of the Mitchell community and school corporation was represented in the Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission meetings.

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