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Mitchell's New Tornado Siren Goes Live -Regular Testing of the Siren Friday at 12:30

MITCHELL - MAY 12, 2022 - The City of Mitchell now has a new tornado siren after the 1940 World War II Siren failed to sound during a tornado warning several weeks back.

New Tornado Siren Goes Live in Mitchell

This forced the police and fire department to alert the public by vehicles and loudspeakers which was not a quick way to alert its citizens.

Mayor J.D. England quickly addressed the need and this morning Rick Butterfield, National Water Service, Duke Energy, City of Mitchell Street Department, Mayor J.D. England, Mitchell Police Chief Mike Hardman and Planning Director Bill Sallee worked to get a new siren operational.

The crews used bucket trucks to take down the 800 lb. siren and shortened the pole down to 38 feet by National Weather Service specifications. The siren itself sitting at 42 feet.

The new siren is a Sentry rotating siren that was tested Thursday afternoon and worked well.

Mitchell Mayor J.D. England and Mitchell Police Chief Mike Hardman discuss this morning's installation

The siren will also be sounded on Friday during the regular tornado testing that is conducted routinely at 12:30 p.m.

Mayor J.D. England was proud to have the new warning system up and operational.

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