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Mitchell Residents Concerned about inoperable tornado siren at 5th and Hancock

MITCHELL - MARCH 31, 2023 - Last year, the 1940 tornado siren at the Mitchell City Hall was replaced on May 12, 2022.

During a tornado warning several weeks before the installation of a new Sentry rotating siren was installed, the police and fire department had to alert residents with loudspeakers and sirens to take shelter during a tornado warning.

The same scenario may play out this evening with one of the city's siren that has not worked since last year.

However, a Mitchell resident told the Lawrence County Zephyr that they notified former Mayor J.D. England, last year and county officials this evening that a second siren located at 5th and Hancock Street was not working.

Video: The new tornado siren at Mitchell City Hall is barely auidible at 5th Street and Hancock

The resident called the Lawrence County 911 Central dispatch of the situation tonight, with the 911 dispatcher telling the resident they would be in contact with their supervisor in how to handle the situation this evening. In addition, the resident was instructed to contact the street department. Due to being after hours, there was no one to contact at the street department.

" The siren at city hall is barely heard at the 5th and Hancock Street location," the resident told the Lawrence County Zephyr.

Video: The tornado siren at Mitchell City Hall was replaced in May 2022 with a modern siren

Emergency Management personnel tell residents to use weather radios and set their cell phones for emergency alerts from the National Weather Service.

Tornado sirens are designed to alert the public when they are outside and being inside makes it difficult to hear the sirens.

The tornado sirens in Bedford and Mitchell are tested regularly. The City of Bedford has a maintenance agreement with ECS to keep their sirens in good condition. The tornado sirens in Bedford are tested at noon every Friday.

Lawrence County Zephyr will follow up with this news story on Monday with Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins.

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Jay Bateman
Apr 02, 2023

Lol they will never fix it just like the numerous street lights that don’t work. Jd left us all out to dry while filling his pockets

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