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Mitchell resident's contention that the public was not given proper notice of the meeting on the fire territory debunked

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 29, 2024 - Mitchell resident Tammy Dwyer contended in the public hearing last night that the public was not given proper public notice of the meeting on the fire territory.

Photo: Mitchell resident Tammy Dwyer spoke during the public hearing that the public was not given proper notice of the public hearings on the proposed fire territory

Dwyer contacted the Indiana Department of Local Finance about what they have to provide in order to form a fire territory.

" The law says they have to provide us with a ordinance or resolution that we have access to and provide a phone number and a contact person. I do not know about you all but none of the public notices say that," said Dwyer.

" Very little information has been given to the public other than the proposal. The revenue is going to go down by 2026 and 2027 but the expenses are going to go up," Dwyer contends.

Dwyer concluded by saying according to what was suppose to be given to us in the public notice legally they did not say anything that was required by Indiana Code.

" This vote cannot take place,"

Photo: Attorney Jeff Bellamy debunks Tammy Dwyer that the public was not given public notice

The attorney Jeff Bellamy responded to Dwyer's comments by saying, " A lot of words here, small font, I am going to walk up to you. I will read to you the bottom paragraph," as he was holding a public notice of the meeting.

" A copy of the proposed ordinance and resolution will be mailed to you, it did not say that it will be given to you, it says we will mail it to you," stated Bellamy.

When she tried to respond the attorney, shut her down quickly by saying, " I am not done now, you done your part," responded Bellamy.

" Here is the phone number, persons seeking additional information may contact Sullivan your number end in 4254, yeah that right there in the notice, Michelle Cornett your phone number end in 7100, yeah that right there in the notice, Don what is your number 5161,"

Photo: Jeff Bellamy holds the public notice published in the Times Mail Wednesday night

" That was the notice that was published, what we have here its a proof of publication in the Times Mail," added Bellamy.

This was timely published in advanced of the meeting.

" Who gets the Times Mail, " persons from the audience responded. To which Bellamy responded by saying this is what is required by state statue.

" She says we did not follow the statue, and we did,"

" I got the public notice online, not everyone gets the newspaper. We got it from WBIW website," said Dwyer.

The Indiana Code says it has to be published and this is compliant with the Indiana Code, as Bellamy held up the public notice.

" Most us only have WBIW and Facebook," Dwyer told Bellamy.

Dwyer was in a Mitchell City Council meeting when the dates and time of the meeting on the fire territory were given and attended both meetings on the proposed fire territory.

By Indiana Code the public notices by school corporations and other government agencies only have to be published in a newspaper of their choice and on location of the government building.

All of the local school districts, and local government agencies use the Times-Mail as their publication of choice.

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