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Mitchell Police Officers to receive $5,000 next year, all other employees 4 percent raise in 2024

MITCHELL - AUGUST 8, 2023 - The Mitchell City Council voted to give Mitchell Police officers a $5,000 in 2024. This is to help keep in line with the other police departments in the area.

Lawrence County starts their police officers at just over $48,000 a year, Bedford Police Department starts at $55,000 a year, and Martin County Sheriff's Department will increase their department's pay up 23 percent in 2024.

Current Mitchell Police officers are paid $49,000 a year.

Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins and Mitchell Police Chief Troy Lobosky will meet with Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day to discuss Mitchell Police Department staffing issues. At this time Lawrence County Sheriff's Department is covering 2nd and 3rd shifts for the City of Mitchell.

The city council voted to give all other employees a four percent pay increase to keep in line with Lawrence County across the board pay increase for its elected leaders and employees.

Mitchell City Council woman Vicky Schlegel abstained from the vote.

In addition, they voted to place Street and Water Department employees drivers and labors they same pay scale in their respective departments.

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