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Mitchell Police Make Arrest in Burglary Case - Two Arrested for Drug Related Offenses

MTICHELL - APRIL 30, 2022 - On Friday night, at approximately 9:30pm, Officers of the Mitchell Police Department served an arrest warrant in the 500 block of 8th Street.

Courtesy photo: Mitchell Police Department

One of the Mitchell Police Department officers spotted a truck that belonged to an individual with a felony Burglary arrest warrant in an alleyway behind the residence.

The warrant service resulted in a successful apprehension and Mitchell Police officers obtaining a search warrant through the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office for the residence.

During the search of the residence, Officers located over 14 pounds of Marijuana, 18 grams of Methamphetamine, 5 hypodermic syringes, 1 rifle, 2 handguns and multiple paraphernalia to include digital scales.

Officers were assisted by the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office Chief Investigator.

Two subjects one male and one female were taken into custody and remanded in the Lawrence County Jail. Lawrence County will be obtaining more information on who those individuals are on Monday morning.

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