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Mitchell Municipal Pool Opens For the season with a lot of work preparing for summer swimming

MITCHELL - JUNE 3, 2023 - The Mitchell Pool is now open for the season after a lot of hard work put in prior to the pool's opening.

" Just having a place for the community to come and swim is rewarding," said Hannah Pugh manager of the Mitchell pool for the third year in a row.

Pugh has been an employee of the pool for the last seven years. In 2020, however the pool did not open, she only worked two hours during the COVID - 19 pandemic, starting her career as a lifeguard since 2017.

Photo: Hannah Pugh gives out instructions as she prepares the pool for opening on Friday morning

Pugh has come from a long line of family members who have worked at the pool, including her mother Debbie Pugh and her Taylor Gassman working as lifeguards at the pool.

" I have been swimming at the Mitchell pool since I was very young. I seen how the pool was and I wanted to improve the facility as much as we could. I spent the entire summer here and I know a lot of the kids from the community do to," added Pugh.

" I wanted to make the pool a nice place for them to be in. This is really the only thing they have to do, during the summer,"

Photo: Approximately eleven lifeguards are on duty at the Mitchell Municipal pool this year

Preparations for the summer season began about two months prior to the pools, opening. This is with the interviewing process for lifeguards and concession workers that are needed to operate the pool.

Photo: A lot of work goes into preparing the pool and concession areas prior to opening each day. Approximately two months prior to the opening of the pool, several hours of work is required

Work at the actual pool and concessions begin about a month prior to the opening. This includes painting to give the building a fresh look, power washing the slide, paint the floors, finding out where to order food, purchasing the food, and pricing of the food increasing. Then, the ordering of the trunks and swimsuits for the lifeguards, and training of the lifeguards.

Normally, the Mitchell Municipal pool only hires eight lifeguards to be prepared for emergencies. However, this year a total of eleven lifeguards were hired to cover summer vacations of families and other activities that come up for the lifeguards.

Pugh herself is a lifeguard herself and can work to fill in on possible shortages.

Pugh is a student at USI on her third year who is studying to become a dental hygienist.

Every lifeguard that applied got to work for this year's summer season.

The Mitchell Pool has been an excellent opportunity for teens to have their first job and entering the workforce.

Photo: A family enjoys the Mitchell pool on Friday

This year, the Mitchell Pool had to turn down eight applicants for concession workers because they were several applicants. There were only seven positions available.

Last year, the pool was not able to be open for night swimming because issues with the lighting around the pool. This year, Rick Butterfield was able to replace the lighting around the pool with LED lighting. The lights at the pool have probably been around since the pool was first constructed in 1974. This has made it safer to allow the Friday night swims, from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

" Sometimes city pools get a bad rap, such as crazy kids just living at the pool during the summer. But, our team tries to make it a fun environment for the kids and get to know them. This may be the only place the kids are able to go to during summer vacation,"

The Mitchell Pool will try to be open until Labor Day if everything goes as planned this year. Students in the Mitchell Community start school on August 3rd therefore the pool will be open on weekends during the Month of August.

The pool has been an excellent turnout for the season opening of the pool starting on Memorial Day.

Pool Hours:

  • Open 11:00 am -12:00 for Adult Lap Swimming

  • Noon until 5:45 for regular pool hours

  • Offer pool parties by reservation 6:30 - 8:30 pm

  • Admission to pool is $ 2.00 including slide.

  • Season passes are $40 or $100 for a family of five


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