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Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins Asks for Mclain to be removed from November ballot

MITCHELL - JUNE 1, 2023 - Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins has filed a complaint with the Lawrence County Election board alleging that Independent candidate Eddie Mclain has not resided in the City of Mitchell for six months.

The complaint asks that Mclain be removed from the ballot in November.

Mitchell Mayor Independent Candidate Eddie Mclain

Mithcell Mayor Nathan Jenkins a Republican candidate for Mitchell Mayor lost his bid in the May Primary to Don Caudell who won the party's nomination.

By Indiana State law the candidate must reside at least one year in the voting district prior to filing office.

The Lawrence County Election board will hear the matter on June 29th, at 1:30 pm at the Lawrence County Voter Registration office 918 16th Street in Bedford.

This is a public hearing and members of the public can attend.

Mclain list two addresses which includes an address at 848 Woodville Road Mclain filed in February 6, 2023. The second address was filed at an address at 810 Stevens Street on May 16, 2023, just prior to filing as candidate for Mitchell Mayor.

Lawrence County Zephyr has also obtained a piece of mail that lists Charles E. Mclain using the 810 Steves Street address since 2011 but pays property taxes at the Woodville address.

The Lawrence County Election board will determine Mclain's eligibility as a candidate, which will determine whether he meets the qualifications to be a candidate. The election board can also refer the matter to the Lawrence County Prosecutors office to determine whether Mclain has committed voter fraud.

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