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Mitchell Mayor Independent Candidate Eddie Mclain Withdraws from race

MTCHELL - JUNE 5, 2023 - Mitchell Mayor Independent candidate Eddie Clain withdrew from the Mitchell Mayoral race on Monday.

Mclain filed a CAN - 46 form removing himself from the ballot in November.

Mayor candidate Eddie Mclain withdrew from the Mitchell Mayor race.

Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins withdrew his request for a public hearing from the Lawrence County Election board that was to be held on June 29th.

The hearing with the Lawrence County Election Board is now cancelled.

Mayor Jenkins filed a hearing with the Lawrence County Election board after Mclain listed two addresses at voter registration. The first one file in February 2023 as living on Woodville Road which is outside the city limits of Mitchell, and second address changed to a Stevens Street address on Stevens Street which is in the city limits prior to his filing for Mitchell Mayor.

Mclain stated he did not want the bad publicity for the City of Mitchell.

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