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Mitchell Junior High School Student Bryleigh Littrell's Pin Chosen for 75th Persimmon Festival

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 14, 2022 - Mitchell Junior High School 7th Grader Bryleigh Littrell's design for the 75th Permission Festival was chosen by the Mitchell Persimmon Festival Committee.

Bryleigh Littrell pin design from a Project Learning Class was chosen for this year's 75th Mitchell Persimmon Festival. Bryleigh is the daughter of Bryan and Nikki Littrell.

On Wednesday afternoon Littrell was called to the office to be a part of the announcement.

" This was a school project; we design a product to help them raise money for the festival and bring more awareness to the festival. We thought a pin was good idea. This is exciting to be chosen," said Bryleigh.

" I talked to a lot of people about what some of their favorite foods were, and this was a classic food to do. I think it's just crazy for a seventh grader to be a part of the festival like this,"

According to Tonya Chastain this was the Project Based Learning class from Mitchell Junior High School. " We just took her idea and made it into a pin," said Chastain. " She designed the pin and had it produced. The class just came up with ideas to make the festival better. The class came up with the ideas to change things for guests more comfortable or ease down carnival lines. The class had other ideas where we could place persimmons on water towers," said Chastain.

There was one other idea that was created out of the class; however, the festival committee was not sure that idea; or whether that product will be available in time.

75th Mitchell Persimmon Festival Committee with Bryleigh Littrell and her parents Bryan and Nikki Littrell

Project based learning is wonderful to help students make connections with the community.

" I reached out to Tonya, last fall for the " Hometown Makeover" giving something to revitalization with Mitchell; my students wanting to do something with the Mitchell Persimmon Festival," said Jeri Brown Project Based Learning, and Computer Science Instructor last year for MJHS.

Mitchell Community School Assistant Superintendent Jessica Jones, MCS Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer, MJHS seventh grader Bryleigh Littrell, MJHS Principal Amanda May, and PBL and Computer Science Instructor Jeri Brown.

"Due to it being the 75th Mitchell Persimmon Festival the students really wanted to get involved and help the festival look better and more personable," Brown added.

" I think when kid give their input, it is important, and their ideas are valued. The students really wanted to help. And the students felt they are really a part of the community,"

" The students came up with a lot of ideas, and things the Mitchell Persimmon Festival committee can use in the future," Brown concluded.

The 75th Persimmon Festival kicks off next week with several events in store for this historical event.

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