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Mitchell Community Schools will partner to educate students on domestic violence in Lawrence County

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 - Lawrence County Superior Court Judge John Plummer III and Mitchell Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer will be working together to develop a educational program to educate students about domestic violence.

Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge John Plummer

Lawrence County Superior Court I Judge Plummer reached out to the school corporations in Lawrence County in trying to find ways to decrease Lawrence County's crime of domestic violence.

" There is an ongoing need for the Domestic Problem Solving Court and programs like this. The number of domestic violence arrests, that people do not talk about. I do not think it is any secret of those that follow the news, that we still have a major problem here in Lawrence County," said Judge John Plummer.

" I assure everybody that I am doing everything I possibly can do, to address the problem, proactively so we can avoid so much domestic violence in the future, " Judge Plummer added.

Mitchell Community School Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer

" Dr. Brent Comer was receptive to my invitation to partner, and with the Superior Court in educating students on preventing domestic violence. Who knows this might become a national program," concluded Judge Plummer.

Judge Plummer continues to brainstorm in how the county might start addressing this troubling issue that continues to plaque the community.

The behaviors and acceptance of domestic violence is an ongoing Problem in Lawrence County with statistics proving that the issue has not diminished sine the Center Disease Control study that was conducted several years ago.

Judge Plummer thought of how the Mother's Against Drunk Drivers program was formed which led to the Students Against Drunk Drivers program in schools. This program of educating students, using role models, from other students such as school athletes and other peers to positively enforce behaviors and influencing those good behaviors.

There is no time frame of when the high school programing will begin or what this new program will look like.

However, other partners include the Lawrence County Domestic Violence Coalition who has been another active group that has been working on this ongoing problem.

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