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Mitchell Community Schools Ready for School Year with plans in place until new SRO can be hired

MITCHELL - JULY 24, 2023 - The Mitchell Community Schools is working with Mitchell Police Chief Troy Laboski and Lawrence County Sheriff Greg Day to provide police coverage until a new School Resource Officer can be hired.

Photo: Former Mitchell School Resource Officer Rob German talks during a Mitchell High School game last fall. Last Wednesday, Officer German resigned from both the Mitchell Police Department and Mitchell Community School Resource Officer

" Thanks to Robbie German he was a tremendous School Resource Officer and with the relationships that he made with the students is Five-Star amazing. This will make it very hard to replace him," said Dr. Brent Comer Mitchell Community School Superintendent.

" We are going to miss him at Mitchell Community Schools however we are excited for him, but all the while wishing him success on his next adventure,"

The Mitchell Community School District has been in communication with Mitchell Police Chief Labosky, and he is going to provide extra service, and help us in finding the next SRO.

There will a presence of police officers once the school year begins between both the Mitchell Police Department and Lawrence County Sheriff's Department.

The first day of Mitchell Community School on August 3, 2023.

" We are confident that we will have someone, and a great next SRO, but the school will have a police officer around when the students return," concluded Dr. Comer.

Original news story: MITCHELL - JULY 22, 2023 - After serving more than five years as a Mitchell Police Officer and Mitchell Community School Resource Officer, Rob German resigned from both on Wednesday.

Photo: Former Mitchell Police Officer and Mitchell Community School Resource officer t Rob German talks about his resignation to the Lawrence County Zephyr

Photo: Former Mitchell Police Officer and Mitchell Community School Resource Officer Rob German resigns after five years of service

" I wanted a schedule that was more conducive to my family life, I realized what I wanted out of career as a regular day shift schedule, which included weekends off. When my work day is over with, I want to be able to shut it off," said German in his decision to leave the Mitchell Police Department.

Photo: Former Mitchell School Resource Officer Rob German at a football game last fall

Law enforcement is a job that is 24 hours, seven days a week, with the a police officer having to deal with the mental, physical, psychological constantly.

" I would like to think I made an impact within my 13 years as a law enforcement officer, however within the last five I would like to think I impacted a lot of lives," said German.

German is currently on vacation until he starts his new job in the private sector for a government contractor at Crane Naval Base on July 31st.

" I will miss working around the Mitchell students and the staff that I have became fond of," German added.

In September, 2022, German was named a Kentucky Colonel, at the Mitchell Persimmon Festival. This is the highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky is that of a Kentucky Colonel.

With German's departure Mitchell Police Department staffing is down to two full time police officers and Mitchell Community Schools will be without a School Resource Officer.

At this time Lawrence County Zephyr has not reached out to either the Mitchell Police Department or Mitchell Community School Corporation. Lawrence County Zephyr learned of the resignation over the weekend.

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