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Mitchell Community Schools Building Programs and Educational Opportunities for Students

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 14, 2023 - The good news for the Mitchell Community Schools continues as the school corporation is not only in the middle of construction of facilities, but building programs that will have a lasting impact on students for generations to come.

The building blocks of success is underway in the Mitchell Community School System and education will be taken to new heights under the vision and leadership of the school board, and staff within Mitchell Community Schools.

Photo: Classrooms have been added to provide more educational opportunities for the Mitchell Community Students

The Mitchell Community School board voted Monday night to add new programs to the school corporation which include Digital Manufacturing.

" This is an area of employment that is needed outside of the area of KOSMOS. We have the certified staff to teach the program and now the funding for these programs are in place," stated Dr. Brent Comer Monday night.

" We have been able to fully fund this new program next year and believe that the second year of funding will be funded again," said Dr Brent Comer.

The building trades programs will be offered next year, and we are hoping to partner with local governments, and business community to expand this in house program.

" I am really excited to offer another graduate pathway for students,"

The Mitchell Community School board was updated on Blue Jacket Academy to help middle school students transition from middle school into the high school experience.

The Mitchell Community Schools have been focused on ensuring students are ready for college or ready for a career path in the future.

Photo: Mitchell Community school board is not only focused on building classrooms but programing to help students find careers of the future

Dr. Jeff Bond has been working with each grade level from the freshman to seniors, in talking to them about the future and make sure they succeed.

File Photo: Mitchell High School principal Dr. Jeff Bond has been working to make sure the students in Mitchell High School become successful in their educational experience and lives

The goal " Win the Day, that you are better tomorrow than you are today, than you were yesterday," is the goal of Mitchell High School principal Bond. The goal is to make sure students are getting better every day especially in academics.

In talking about the new program at the Mitchell High School the freshmen have already seen improvement from moving from the 2nd percentile of students up to the 3rd percentile which is a 22 to 24 percent jump in improvements.

The Mitchell High School have been working towards and creating additional activities for students. Students being able to find opportunities in CTE Pathways

These include Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Construction Trades.

The construction is already underway to create STEM /STEAM classrooms both in Junior High and High School Levels

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