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Mitchell Community Schools Approves Hatfield and Burris Holiday Shop Fundraiser

MITCHELL - SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 - The Mitchell Community School board approved a request for the Hatfield and Burris Elementary School Holiday Shop Fundraiser.

Some of the items that will be sold by the STEAM/Collab Labs from Burris and Hatfield Elementary Students

All the proceeds from the sales will be used to fund the STEAM and Collab Labs from Burris and Hatfield Elementary Schools. Over 100 items that customers will be able to choose from.

Patrick Redman wears a pair of eyeglasses produced by his son Dane from the STEAM lab

In other business:

  • Approved a MOU between Stepping Stones Group LLC and Mitchell Community Schools to provide services for deaf or hard of hearing students. This is to help with the Individualized Education Plan for students attending Mitchell Community Schools

  • Approved an agreement between the Mitchell Community Schools and Athletic Trainer supervising physician

  • Approved to extend fuel adjustments for contracted bus drivers for another six months

  • Approved and addendum to combine two bus routes into Route 18 due to a retirement of another bus driver, and to reduce costs

  • Approved to adopt the 2023 budget this year's budget seen a tax levy decrease. The tax levy was reduced from 1.6519 rate to 1.5712. The budget however did increase to $20,180,851 which was an increase of $393,257.

  • Approved moving the October regular session to October 17th at 6:00 p.m. due to the fall break.

  • Approved the treasurer the authority to write accounts payable on October 10,2022 due to the fall break.

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