• Bill Raines

Mitchell Community School Board Tax Rates will be Reduced In 2023

MITCHELL - AUGUST 29, 2022 - The Mitchell Community School Board tax rate went down this year.

The tax rate of 1.5712 in 2023 budget year the tax rate of 1.6519 for the 2022 budget year.

The $17.5 Million Captial Improvement project did not affect the tax rate for Mitchell Community Schools

The budget for 2023 did have an increase of $393,357. The budget for 2023 $20,180,851, and the budget for 2022 was $19,787,594.

The public hearing was conducted Monday night at the Mithcell Community Schools Administration building no one spoke for or against the budget. The budget will be adopted at the next school board meeting on September 8, 2022.

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