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Mitchell Community School Board Considers a Marching Band Program

MITCHELL - (March 5, 2022) - The Mitchell Community School board is considering reviving a Marching Band program for grades 7 -12.

The school system has not had a marching band since 1997.

Mitchell Community School Band director Zachary Tibbs gave the board a pitch of why a marching band will be beneficial to the school corporation.

(Left - Cody Cox, Junior Mitchell High School and Zachary Tibbs, Mitchell Community School Band Director)

During the presentation Tibbs cited the marching band offers another way for students to be active in a healthy activity, provide students a role in leadership, and be able to attract more students to the corporation.

In addition, to Tibbs presenting information to the board members, Mitchell High School Junior Cody Cox, told board members " this would be really cool, if the board decides to add this program," Cox has enjoyed being part of the band and would love to see a marching band added to the programing.

Cox modeled what a new updated band uniform would look like for the marching band. The current, uniforms are over 20 years old, the uniforms would have a modern look.

Tibbs presented three budget proposals, for the board to consider. The first being everything that he wanted for the marching band, to a just the minimum amount that would be needed to get the program started. The board will be looking into the proposals and Tibbs is expected to be back to answer additional questions the board may have.

In other business:

  • Approved the athletic eligibility for virtual students in the Mitchell High School handbook

  • Approved a creation of the COSMOS Advisory board which will consist of 1 representative from each of the school, and school superintendents, and Mrs. Kydd

  • Approved a recommendation to calculate fuel adjustments for contracted school bus drivers every six months

  • Approved the transfer of school bus route 11 from contracted route to a district route

  • Approved amending the contract for bus route #8

  • Approved the Mitchell Community School Summer School plan, with the construction projects starting all summer school will be held at Burris

  • Approved keeping all Mitchell Community School election districts the same

  • Approved a resolution for accepting the bids for the corporation owned properties in Huron. The resolution allows school board president Chris Shaw to close on the two properties that were recently sold

Superintendent Dr. Brent Comer told the board members the school cafeteria passed the audit that is conducted every three years. Dr. Comer also gave the board an update on the upcoming capital improvement projects.


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