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Mitchell Community School Board approves MOU with Lawrence County Sherriff for SRO

MITCHELL - AUGUST 14, 2023 - The Mitchell Community School board has approved a MOU with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department to provide a School Resource Officer similar to the agreement with the Springville Community Academy.

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The School Resource Officer will be an employee of the school corporation but will have Special Deputy status through the Lawrence County Sheriffs Office.

The officer will only be on the job during the school year. The officer must carry and have the same training as the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department. The person must be a sworn Indiana Police Officer.

There are a few questions that were not answered during the meeting Monday night such as the salary of the officer, and whether a police vehicle will be issued to the officer.

The Mitchell Community Schools currently has not named a School Resource Officer following the resignation of Rob German. The school corporation is hoping to name an officer in the next couple of weeks.

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