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Mitchell Community School Board Approve Bass Fishing Team for MJHS and MHS Students

MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 13, 2023 - The Mitchell Community School approved the head coach Don Goldsberry for the Mitchell Junior High School and Mitchell High School Students Bass Fishing Team.

" The Junior High and High School Bass Fishing has been in Indiana for the last 14 seasons. When this first started out it started out, the kids were fishing in the World Championship with just about $30,000 in scholarships. It has grown so much in the last few years the prizes are up about $2.5 Million in prizes and scholarships," said Don Goldsberry.

" The kids will compete in with about 220 teams from all around the United States fishing in a weeklong tournament. The winning team won a full ride scholarship to a college; second place was $190,000, lowest prize was a $10,000 - $20,000 scholarship,"

Goldsbury explained how he got started with promoting this program.

" I have been a part of the Indiana Bass Federation member since the mid 1990s and been an officer of the organization. The organization does a lot for the community for the youth, community service projects and conservation,"

Photo: Head Coach of the Mitchell Junior High School and High School Bass Fishing Team Don Goldsberry

" My son very interested in fishing, so we started an unofficial Mitchell Club. A few local kids went fishing in the Southern Indiana Bass South Trail, and was doing great and loved it. Last year, I approached the school, and they made us a club. We had to follow some rules and guidelines before they made us an official club," added Goldsberry.

The Mitchell group started out with four kids, and Dr. Commer's nephew started in a group with over 40 students.

The club is expected to teach students being able to enjoy/love of the outdoors, competitiveness, community service, and conservation.

" We have built fish habitats at Patoka Lake, and put in over 600 structures over the years,"

The program can get students all day long, but the new club is needing some help from the community.

" We need some boats and a volunteer to take a few kids out fishing. There are only 4-5 tournaments a year. They are spread out, over the year. However, it is difficult to find someone to volunteer 12 hours five times a year. Fill up truck and boat supply kids with Gatorade and snacks. It can cost about $200."

" I really did not think be able to do it for years, because I was competitive myself since 1994 in fishing tournaments. The captains cannot fish, in these tournaments, against the rules, and I did not think I could do it just sitting there. But, watching the kids and telling them what they should be doing, some students listen, and some do not,"

In September 2022, The Mitchell Junior High Team came in first place and the Senior High Team came in in the top 25 at Monroe Lake. This would make two tournaments the Junior High Team came in first place.

Mitchell ended up in 4th and 9th place in the High School placement, and Mitchell Junior High in the 12th place.

The Spring Mill FOP #172 and VFW Post 9107 has supported the students in the past.

Anyone interested in helping the students can call the Mitchell Community School Administration Office or Don Goldsberry.

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