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Mitchell City Officials approach Mitchell Community Schools about traffic issues

MITCHELL - AUGUST 15, 2023 - The Mitchell City Police Chief Troy Lobosky and Mayor Nathan Jenkins approached the Mitchell Community Schools about the ongoing traffic problem and safety concerns in the area of Hancock Avenue and Teke Burton Drive.

An immediate concern is with the paving that will take place starting tomorrow on Teke Burton Drive in the area of the schools.

School officials will meet with Chief Lobosky in the morning to discuss the matter but at this time there is no solution.

"The fire department could not get through the other morning, and this has become a public safety issue," said Chief Lobosky.

This situation is not just unique to the Mitchell area, but as more parents drive their kids to school the traffic issues have increased.

All Mitchell Schools are located on Hancock Avenue which is a benefit and also creates issues especially during early morning drop off and evening pick up times.

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