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Mitchell City Council Will Continue to Lease former Dana Building

MITCHELL - ( April 5, 2022) - The Mitchell City Council voted to continue to lease the former Dana Building located at 9th and Frank Street.

The building is currently being used by SilverStream, Kiwanis, and Regeneration who has leased the building since 2008.

Lehigh Corporation was also interested in using the remaining space as part of their construction project. The company is expecting $17 Million to $18 Million in parts to be stored at the location.

Since the notification of the lease agreement another company was interested in purchasing the building.

By law the city must seek out fair market value of the lease.

During the meeting Monday night the council voted to continue to lease it to SilverStream. Mayor England and Larry Caudill abstaining from the vote due to conflict of interest.

The Lawrence County Redevelopment Commission member Scott Smith attended Monday nights meeting to advise the city council on the proposed shell building. The building will be located in the Mitchell Industrial Park.

The cost of the building has not been discussed at this time. The Lawrence County RDC is considering on how to fund the project which is Build/Operate/Transfer of the 50,000 sq. ft facility.

The RDC is considering the options on how to construct it and partnering with the City of Mitchell to attract business to the city.


In other business:

  • Approved an American Rescue Plan invoice to Midwestern for $18,225.84.

  • The city council reminded residents about animal control issues with stray cats in the city. This also includes picking up feces and all animals must be a on leash.

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