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Mitchell City Council Votes to Use Building Lease for Economic Development Purposes

MITCHELL - ( April 22, 2022) - The Mitchell City Council voted to use the revenue from the lease agreement to be used for Economic Development purposes.

Former Dana Building 9th and Frank Streets

This would allow the revenues from the lease agreement to be used to make roof repairs and other maintenance to the building.

The next process for the city council is to have the building appraised. The Mitchell City council then could decide to go up or down with price of the lease agreement.

(Video of the Mitchell City Council Meeting)

This procedure would speed up the process of being able to enter into lease agreements with interested parties.

If city council member Larry Caudill decided to abstain from today's vote, it would have been a no vote. Caudill went ahead and voted on the motion.

The building is currently being used by Silverstream, Regeneration, and the Kiwanis Club. There has been interest by Lehigh Company to use the remaining 20,000 square feet for storage space during their construction project.

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