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Mitchell City Council Tables Action on Former Dana Building

MITCHELL - ( March 30, 2022) - The Mitchell City Council tabled any action on the former Dana Building located at 9th and Frank Streets in Mitchell.

Currently, the building is being leased to SilverStream, who has leased the building since 2008. The company uses approximately 11,000 square feet of the facility.

The lease agreement has generated $244,000 in revenue for the City of Mitchell.

Lehigh is interested in leasing part of the building immediately, the company is expecting $13 Million to $17 Million in used equipment to be stored at the facility. Lehigh wants to use the loading dock and have access to the middle isle of the facility.

Regeneration and Kiwanis also use approximately 2,000 square feet of storage space for their non-profits.

Since the public notification of lease agreement or potential sale of the building there has been one company interested in the purchase of the building.

SilverStream would like to have advance notice of any sale of the building, as they are also a production company with large amount of equipment that would have to be moved.

The Mitchell City Attorney Bryon Steele has advised the council that prior to any lease agreements or sale of the building appraisals would have to be completed.


Mitchell City Council members expressed that they would like to have all three of the current companies and non-profits continue to be able to use the facility.

In addition. Mitchell Industrial Park Board will also have to vote on the action taken.

Joey Mercado, Procurement Manager, Lehigh Mitchell Plant, Roger and Chris Swayer, SilverStream, appeared at the council meeting to answer questions and address the concerns that Mitchell City Council members had.


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