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Mitchell City Council Raises Tap Fees for Water/Sewer Installations

MITCHELL - JULY 7, 2022 - The Mitchell City Council voted to raise Water/Sewer Tap Fees during their meeting on Tuesday night. Mitchell City Council member Perry Reynolds was not in attendance for the meeting.

The current fees of $350 for water installation and $250 for sewer installation, which was costing the city money with labor and material costs. The city council two public hearing prior to raising the fees.

The new tap fees for water will be $1520 and tap fees for sewer will be $1,000. The new ordinance will also require sidewalk repair following the installation.

Mitchell council members tabled on the vote on increasing stormwater fees as more information is need on assessing commercial business with the city limits.

In other business:

  • There was $8,600 in savings from the Pleasant View Drive paving project that will be used towards National Water for water media repairs at the water treatment plant which at a cost of $53,400.

  • Approved payment invoices of $8,445 and $3,693 and IPAD purchase to Verizon of $1,554.00 to be paid from the ARPA funds.

  • Tabled the request from Wayne Coble to be paid $5,000 for pool caretaking responsibilities and assistant to the same position.

  • Discussed the responsibility of the new animal control officer to be responsible for the 20 hours, and after hour call outs. To date there have been three applications submitted.

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