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Mitchell City Council President Says "No Riding on Fire Trucks" to Sports Teams

MITCHELL - JUNE 6, 2023 - Mitchell City Council President Larry Caudell and former fire chief of the Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department advised the public that there will be no sports teams riding on fire trucks.

Caudell's announcement came during the Mitchell City Council meeting Monday night.

Mitchell High School Baseball Team celebrates their Regional Victory win on Main Street Saturday

" This is not going to be very popular, but it has been a long-standing policy of the city that we do not ride sports teams on fire trucks. This is a liability issue,"

President Caudell stated the Mitchell Community School needs to reach out to the city in the future.

Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department which is a different volunteer fire department in the Mitchell Community Schools district made the following announcement on Saturday.

To all,

In light of recent events, I would like to explain the position of Marion Twp Fire Dept.

We love nothing more than supporting our local schools' sports teams and students in parades and celebrations. We will be there to show our support and assist in any way we can. Win or Lose, to make it to that level we will celebrate the achievement.

We could not permit the baseball team to ride on top of the Fire Trucks Saturday after the huge victory at Regional. This is a safety and liability issue. A fall from that height could result in serious injury or worse. None of us, the firefighters included, want to see any celebration shattered by an unfortunate tragedy or the loss of a player due to a needless injury. If the legal guardians of the players would like to sign a waiver for the risk that is involved, we will have those available. Players without a waiver will still be allowed to ride, but it would have to be inside the cab of the truck to reduce the potential for injury from a fall.

With that being said, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to these escorts, celebrations and parades. Having one point of contact between the teams and the Fire Dept. would cut down on the confusion. We have had instances where 4 different people were calling different firefighters and telling them different routes and places to meet or line up. So please, elect one person from your team to contact me at Please give as much notice as possible. We are always ready to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice, but please remember we are volunteers. Having as much lead time as possible for the events is extremely beneficial to the firefighters so they are not cancelling plans at the last minute. Also, should a call for service come out prior to the event we will have a point of contact to let you know that we might not be able to attend because of an emergency, or it gives us time to make arrangements so that the kids can still have the celebration they have earned and deserve.

I hope this answers any questions any of you might have had and dispels any rumors that may be circulating. It is merely a safety and liability issue. We will work around it to make sure these kids are celebrated in victory or defeat...because they have earned it through their efforts.

Again, please contact the Fire Chief at for any questions, concerns, or celebrations/parades for the teams from MCS. We are happy to assist and look forward to being a part of the celebration they deserve. Go Blue!

Paul Gillespie

Fire Chief

Marion Twp Fire Dept.

The Indiana Semi-State Class 2A at Mooresville's Pioneer Field will take place at 2:00 pm on Saturday with the Mitchell Bluejackets taking on Hertiage Christian.

Congratulations to the Mitchell Bluejackets on your way to the Semi-State.

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