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Mitchell City Council Approves Study to consider a Fire Territory with Marion Township

MITCHELL - APRIL 3, 2023 - Mitchell City Council has agreed to pay $2,000 out of the $7,000 cost for a feasibility study for a proposed fire territory with Marion Township Volunteer Fire Department.

The cost of the feasibility study will come from the city's fire budget.

Photo: Mitchell and Marion Township Volunteer Fire Departments respond to a barn fire on Fleenor Road

City of Mitchell officials met with Marion Township board on this issue earlier this year, to begin talks of the two departments joining forces.

The Reedy Financial Group P.C. from Columbus, Indiana will be hired to perform the study. The company performing the study is the same Shawswick and Guthrie Township officials used last year to form the Lawrence County Fire Territory.

Should the two government entities agree to join together, the new territory could staff both a fire and ambulance service south of White River. This would be a 24/7 round the clock coverage for the city and Marion Township.

The City of Mitchell no longer has an ambulance stationed in Mitchell. The ambulance for the City of Mitchell come from IU Lifeline Ambulance in Bedford, or the Lawrence County Fire Territory stationed on Sunny Acres Drive, or IU Health Ambulance Orange County.

Photo: Mitchell and Marion Township respond to a apartment fire in late 2022

" Whether this happens or not, this is only a study. This has been talked for years and years to merge both of these departments. But, some like it, some don't, I am one that does not like it, but I am willing listen to a study, and the feasibility of it," said Larry Caudell President Mitchell City Council, and former fire chief Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department.

Video: Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins and city council president Larry Caudell talk about feasibility study for a fire territory with Marion Township

If the departments would have decided to form a fire district the Lawrence County Commissioners and Council would have control over the fire department. In a fire territory the township and city officials would be appoint their own board.

" This is not to say it will or not happen, but this is a study find out what a fire territory would look like," added Caudell.

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