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MITCHELL - FEBRUARY 6, 2023 - The Mitchell City Council approved a payment plan to pay for the water/sewer project in the Flynn Subdivision.

Photo - Mitchell City Council voted 4-1 to approve the funding project for Flynn Subdivision using ARPA funds to fund most of the project.

Mitchell City Council woman Vicky Schlegel cast the only no vote.

" I do not believe the City of Mitchell should be funding a private project. The owner of the subdivision should be the one paying for the installation of the water/sewer services to the said subdivision," said Schlegel prior to her vote Monday night.

The Mitchell City Council first voted to use $300,000 for the project from APRA funds verses other funding options and depleting the water and sewer accounts of the city.

In addition, Mitchell City Council voted on paying an invoice of $521,000 using $300,000 from APRA money, $100,000 from water funds, and the remaining amount from the General Fund for the project. Again, Vicky Schlegel cast the only no vote on the measure.

The funds that were being considered included ARPA funds which have a balance of $326,462, Water funds - $671,000, Sewer funds - $780,000 and revenues in the meter deposits. The city considered using OCRA funds, or other types of bonds.

The City of Mitchell only received one bid for the Flynn addition Water/Sewer Project, this was the second time the bids were submitted with Flynn & Sons being the only bidder for the project. The total cost will be at $765,778.

Former Mitchell Mayor Butch Chastain entered into an agreement, for this particular project. The Mitchell City Council members told the public they must move forward with the project based on the original agreement.

Mayor Nathan Jenkins then proposed that the city enacts a Subdivision ordinance. This would prevent issues like this from happening and address issues such as the requirement of curbs, or sidewalks, water/sewer connections and other requirements the city feels necessary.

Mitchell City Council members George James and Vicky Schlegel will be working on proposing an ordinance in the future.

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