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Mitchell Candidates work the polls Saturday ahead of Tuesday's Election

MITCHELL - NOVEMBER 5, 2023 -The candidates for Mitchell's Mayor and city council seats worked the voting center on Saturday making their last appeal to voters.

There are several issues that have been on the minds of the voters in the City of Mitchell

These issues include:

  • Mitchell Volunteer Fire Department joining a fire territory with Bono, Huron and Marion Township

  • Code enforcement

  • Animal control

  • Water/Sewer Infrastructure

  • Mitchell Industrial Park

  • Dispatch for Mitchell Police

  • Parks/Recreation

  • South Monon Trail

  • Bus Transportation only to name a few

" This campaign has been interesting, I have met several people that I have not known, and really looking to Tuesday. All in all, this has been a good experience," said Republican Mitchell City Mayor candidate Don Caudell.

Photo: Republican candidate for Mitchell Mayor Don Caudell

" I have learned a lot talking with the residents of Mitchell, a lot of things that I was not aware of, and this gave me a lot of background information. this has given me some ideas and things to be looked into," added Caudell.

" I would just encourage everyone to get out and vote whether me or my opponent," he concluded.

Photo: Mitchell City Council District 3 Democrat Candidate Joey Slone

Former Mitchell City Council member Joey Slone is seeking another term on the city council. Slone has served previously served on the city council for 16 years which include 2000 - 2008 and 2012 - 2020.

" A lot of people are worried about how the taxpayer's money is being spent. I feel good about this year's election, and I am feeling good about this year's election. I would like our city to continue to grow. If I get elected, I look forward to working with the next Mayor and city council to allow the city to move forward," said Democrat candidate Joey Slone.

Don Caudell and Joey Slone were the only two candidates working the polls on Saturday.

At the time of the interview only 18 voters cast their votes at Mitchell and only three cast their votes at the Lawrence County voter registration by noon Saturday.

A total of 222 absentee ballots were mailed prior to Tuesday's election with 163 being turned in at Lawrence County Voter registration.

Lawrence County Zephyr will only report on the contested races on Tuesday.

Mitchell Mayor:

  • Republican - Don Caudell

  • Democrat - Eugene "Pud" Terrell

There are two contested city council races in Mitchell.

Mitchell City Council District 2 race:


  • Chris L. Carlisle William

  • James Erdle

Mitchell City Council District 3 race:

  • Republican - Dan Terrell

  • Democrat - Joey Slone


Located at 1416 James Avenue Bedford, Indiana

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