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Milan Todd Eckert honored at the opening day of baseball at the Shoals Ball Park - His memory will always live on

SHOALS - APRIL 20, 2024 - The Shoals community turned out to honor a special man who's memory will always will live on. The people he served have that one special memory that will never be forgotten.

This morning at the Shoals Ball Park they made the last radio call for this one of a kind community servant.

Eckert spent almost 20 years being dispatched to a variety of calls." Shoals 1 Martin County report of 10-50 PI in front of RJ's U.S. 50 and 150", "Shoals 1 Martin County caller reporting 10-16 on Capitol Avenue Shoals", Shoals 1 - snake in a mobile home," just a few of the calls the teddy bear of a man with a huge infectious smile would be called upon to help someone in need in the community he really did love.

Photo: Todd Eckert at the Catfish Festival with David Smith

Todd could be found at community events like the July 4th Catfish Festival playing jokes or just talking to the community.

Marshal Eckert could be found at RJ's talking with the people and sharing what's going on in life.

Photo: Town Marshal takes a complaint at RJ's in Shoals

On Saturdays his time was spent at the Shoals Ball Park for the last 20 years coaching his son Dustin, and could be found watching his grandson from the first base fence line in the last couple of ball seasons.

Photo: Opening day at the Shoals Ball Park and picture day for the Shoals community

" Our community recently lost a valued and respected man. Town Marshal Milan Todd Eckert passed away on April 14, at the age of 56. Todd cared for people, this community and this ball park," said President Shoals Ball Park Chad Gibson.

Photo: Martin County Ambulance Service, Loogootee Police Department, Martin County Sheriff's Department, and Shoals Volunteer Fire Department attend the opening ceremony at the Shoals Ball Park Saturday

" He came down to watch ballgames, Todd would frequently be at the first base dugout leaning against the fence,"

The large group that gathered, removed their hats and had a moment of silence paying respects. Then the following radio traffic could be heard.

" Martin County 51-1" with Martin County Sheriff calling in to dispatch.

" 51-1 Martin County " dispatched replied.

" County 51-1 could you have Shoals 1 meet us at the Shoals Ball Park we have a lot of kids here, we could use some extra patrol,"

" Clear 51-1,"

" Shoals 1 Martin County, Signal 8 Shoals Ball Park for opening ceremonies,"

" Shoals 1 Martin County," " Shoals 1 Martin County" " Shoals 1 Martin County"

" Attention all Martin County law enforcement and surrounding stations hold all traffic for Signal 100"

" On April 14th, 2024 at approximately 1700 hours (5:00) pm Shoals Town Marshal Milan Todd Eckert answered his final call. Todd served the citizens of Shoals and Martin County unwavering dedication for 25 years. He was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, most notably a friend. He loved his community and dedicated service to all will never be forgotten. Marshal Todd Eckert Martin County acknowledge your final 10-42 may you rest in peace. Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called, the children of God."

Funeral service will be at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 21, 2024 at the Church of the Cross. Burial will follow in Spring Hill Cemetery.

On Saturday T-Shirts were being sold to help Todd's family with expenses and the Shoals Ball Park courtesy of the Martin County Sheriff's Department. They will be available at RJ's in Shoals until sold out.

Photo: Many purchase T-Shirts honoring Shoals Town Marshal Todd Eckert

May your memory ever live on Todd Eckert the Shoals Community appreciate your life and service.

Today's final call could be found at the Lawrence County Zephyr Facebook page at 13:13 minutes in.

For breaking news and information go to or like/follow the Lawrence County Facebook page.


Free-Holiness Church 11122 Indiana State Road 54 Cincinnati, Indiana

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