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Mike Shannon Celebrates 45 Years in radio broadcasting - 21 Years in Lawrence County

LAWRENCE COUNTY - AUGUST 8, 2023 - On Tuesday was a very special day for a community icon and radio personality Mike Shannon.

Mike Shannon has been behind a microphone for 45 years with 21 of those years among Lawrence County fans and supporters

Today, was a celebration with well wishers calling in on Shannon's early morning show, and congratulating him on this important milestone in his career.

Mike Shannon with Bedford Mayor Sam Craig who proclaimed August 8th, 2023 as

"Mike Shannon Day" in Bedford

Bedford Mayor Sam Craig came in the studio and live on the air broadcast to make August 8th, 2020 the Mike Shannon Day in Bedford, by special proclamation. The Mayor gave a few tokens of appreciation and thanked him for the many years of dedication to the Lawrence County Community.

The fans came into the studio located downtown Bedford from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm be served refreshments and cake to the guests as they thanked him on his special day.

In his 45 years in broadcasting, 38 years have been broadcasting in the State of Indiana with over 21 years in Bedford.

His morning show is lively bringing in listeners from several locations throughout the world. His wife Deb helps with the show and gives the listeners something to smile about, laugh, and yes sometimes cry.

" SHANNON AND DEB" are in separable in their taking care of one another and making their business thrive in Lawrence County.

Mike Shannon helped build on of the first expanded band AM stations in the State of Indiana WHLY 1620 and one of the first internet only stations in Indiana ( )

Shannon has logged over more than 12,200 radio shows and is the host of the National Syndicated " The Great Music Club" and "On the Radio Today".

Mike has given countless hours back to the listeners in South Bend and Bedford communities, with donating his time and talents at a moments notice when possible.

" I always wanted to be on the radio when I was a kid and playing a disc jockey in my closest at home. Saw an ad in the newspaper asking for interns, worked $400 for free and then one day someone did not show up for work and said you are on the air and that was date back in 1978," said Mike Shannon.

" I have met so many people over the years, and been on stage with so many people. I was sitting in the station one day and Barbra Bush walked in. That was back before she was the First Lady, and she was campaigning at the time. I have been on stage with B.J. Thomas, Danny the Juniors, and have worked for five stations in a week different cities; at one time," added Shannon.

" This has been an interesting career, 21 years in Lawrence County. 20 years in Bedford has just sailed by quickly. I can remember when I first came to Bedford just like it was yesterday. I can remember the blue skies, the sun was out, towards the end of July and we just sat down and as they say the rest is history," Shannon reflecting back on his first day in Bedford.

Shannon has worked on his career as a radio personality and now owns and operates his own radio station in Bedford's downtown business district.

" Well, I had hopes this moment would come in my life, but thought it would never happen. I would have been happy just to talk on the radio and play records. That what is was about, I worked my way up, and when the opportunity happened, and we are looking for a bigger opportunity that may happen in Bedford, for right now this is a great station," Shannon concluded.

Shannon just thanks the community for supporting them and will continue providing services to the Lawrence County.

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