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Member of public voices concerns over 4-Year-Old that went missing from Playful Pathways

BEDFORD - JANUARY 19, 2023 - During a North Lawrence Community School board meeting last Thursday, Kayla Hoffman, addressed the North Lawrence Community School board in regard to a child that wondered from the Playful Pathways.

On November 30, 2022, Bedford Police department log reported a lost person from the 400 block of W Street.

According to the report at a four-year-old was reported missing from the facility at 10:37 am and at 10:44 am a call came in reporting that a juvenile on 5th Street was located on 5th Street across from IGA. The location is more than one mile from the school.

In the report, Bedford Police Department returned the child to school. The child was left with in the care of the director at Playful Pathways, and the director was in the process of notifying the parents. The Bedford Police officer also left a message with the parents of the child.

In Hoffman's claim that the child got out of the playground area because there was a gate missing on the fencing. A bench was placed at the location of the opening to prevent a child from leaving the area. The child crawled under the bench.

Hoffman questioned the policy in such matters, and why the school board was not notified of the incident. Especially, when the police were involved in the matter.

There were no reports of the incident of Child Protective Services being contacted, as such with a parent of small children her wonder from their custody.

At this time, the school corporation has not responded to the incident, or has communicated to the public about the incident.

Under Indiana Law Family and Social Services Administration under Indiana Code 12-17.2, Office of Childhood and Out of School Learning to regulate childcare in the state of Indiana.

There are guidelines for public and private school's settings to allow for childcare programing on the school premises for children of students or employees of schools in the school corporation. The public or private school must meet specific health and safety guidelines.

At this time the Lawrence County Zephyr is working on obtaining more information on this situation.

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