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Member of Public Admonishes Those Video Taping a public meeting at NLCS

BEDFORD - JANUARY 12, 2023 - Prior to the meeting John Storms who spouse Kelli Storms is Principal, Oolitic Middle School admonishes those videotaping the meeting.

John Storms admonishes those videotaping a public meeting

Storms stated that the North Lawrence Community Schools already tapes the meetings, Storms asked those videotaping the meeting consider the students and children watching their postings.

Kelly Storms served as administrator of the North Lawrence Community Schools Gateway Academy Director.

John Storms husband of Kelly Storms Gateway Academy speaks to North Lawrence Community Schools

Kelly Storms was featured in the Indiana Association of School Principals in the Indiana Association of School Principal publication Indianagram with an article called " Blended Learning: A Key Element for Student Sucess in the Alternative Program Setting.

John Storms went on to address the North Lawrence Community School board cautioning the school board on nepotism as previous school boards have done in the past, as well as other concerns.

Another feature on the Lawrence County Zephyr about tonight's NLCS meeting is coming on the Lawrence County Zephyr.

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