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Meet the Lawrence County 4-H Fair Seniors - Congratulations on your accomplishments

LAWRENCE COUNTY - JULY 12, 2023 - Here is a look at the Lawrence County 4-H Fair Seniors, and 10 year members of the Lawrence County 4-H fair.

There were a total of 32 seniors who graduated for 2023.

Photo: Lawrence County 4-H Fair

Questions asked to the seniors include:

  • What School did you attend?

  • What Projects or Animals you will exhibit/show at the Fair?

  • How many years have you been in 4-H?

  • What are your plans for the future?

  • What has 4-H taught you?

  • What is you favorite 4-H memory?

  • What are some 'Words of Wisdom' you would pass on to younger 4-H members?

  • Ava Jahn Bedford North Lawrence Rabbits, Goats, Horses 10 years in 4-H attend Purdue to study developmental and family science with my career goal being occupational therapy that many hands make light work making lifelong friends, the shaving cream fights at the end of fair week never be afraid to try new things!

  • Avery O'Brien Bedford N. Lawrence H.S. Swine/Dorac 8 years in 4-H I plan to attend Ivy Tech this fall, to study nursing, in hopes of becoming a LD or fertility nurse in the future. 4-H has taught me responsibility. It has shown me that putting in the work for something you truly want pays off. My favorite 4-H memory is seeing my friends all week. Also, participating in the Friday fun night each year. Enjoy every minute of 4-H. Work hard and don't forget to have fun.

  • Braxton Brown Bedford North Lawrence Sheep 10yrs and Swine 7yrs 10 years in 4-H Total, I will be leaving in August for Lineman school in Georgia. Responsibility and it’s the little things that matter Friday night water fights The little things that our vital in your project is what makes the big things happen..

  • Brooklyn Peterson Mitchell High School horses, swine, and rabbits 10 years in 4-H I plan to attend Indiana University Bloomington to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice and compete with the women’s rowing team. 4-H has taught me the true meaning of hard work and dedication. My favorite 4-H memories are in the years my sisters and I all showed together. Some advice I would like to pass on to younger 4-H members would be to not stress out during the week and enjoy every moment.

  • Carson Kelley Bedford North Lawrence High Schol Recycling and Aerospace 10 years in 4- H I will be attending Purdue University for Aeronautical Engineering 4-H has taught me skills like hard-work, perseverance, and leadership. Hanging with friends during the fair week. Stick with it

  • Cydnee Rayhill-Wright Bedford North Lawrence High School Goats, weather, recycling, geology, cupcakes, and collections 10 years in 4-H , Nursing school at Ivy Tech 4-H has taught me time management and responsibility. My favorite 4-H memory is the shaving cream fights after fair! Get involved! No matter if you are interested in a certain thing or not! Getting involved will help you create friendships that will last a lifetime!

  • Dustin Burton - BNL Rabbit Club 10 years in 4-H After graduation I will be attending USI to earn a degree in Business. 4-H has taught me to be respectful to people that have been there for me for everything and to be kind to other when they need it. 1. My favorite 4-H memory is probably when I was finally old enough to do showmanship and I did it for the first time and it was awesome. To always respect your elders and especially the ones who have taught you everything you know about life.

  • Ellie Bartlett Homeschooled Photography Exhibit 10 years in 4-H I plan to more definitely establish my future goals by taking a gap year, which will hopefully allow me to become further educated on all my options for a long-term occupation. It has taught me about the importance of commitment, and how beneficial it is for your character when you have to be diligent. Overall, it has strengthened my work ethic and gifted me with many memories to look back on. Participating in and being able to support my siblings at the shows Don’t do it for the ribbon or the trophy; in a few years, they’ll just seem like a piece of cloth or plastic. Do it for the memories, which last beyond what any material ever could.

  • Emily Phillips - Bedford North Lawrence Sheep, Horse, Stained Glass 10 years in 4-H I plan to Attend Indiana University to study animal science and environmental affairs. How to care for my animals, have patience with them and winning isn't everything. Having fun with my cousins and playing in the horse arena at night. Just enjoy your time it goes so fast! Have fun and enjoy your animals they have such an impact on your life.

Emma Bartlett - Homeschool - Emma been in 4-H for 10 years, My dog - I plan to continue to work and save money for my future. It’s taught me to get out of my comfort zone. It’s given me so many opportunities I never would have gotten from anything else, while also giving me the confidence to achieve goals I never would have thought to set for myself. It’s also taught me that hard work will always pay off! I don’t think I have one favorite memory, there are too many to choose from! But I especially love the memories I have going to the fair with my family, and working with my siblings up to that point. I would say to take every opportunity you get and work as hard as you can at it. You’ll never regret putting your all into something, and there’s nothing like knowing you did your best. Leave no room for wondering if you should have done something differently. I promise that your time is going to fly, and before you know it you’ll be looking back on your younger self. So use the time you have now, every second of it!

  • Emma Crane - Bedford North Lawrence High School Emma been in 4-H for six years, Photography, Foods, Gardening, Gift Wrapping6I will be attending Indiana University to study Nursing. My goal is to become an Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner. 4H has taught me to be creative, take responsibility, be a leader and manage my time wisely. My favorite 4H memory is the whole fair in general. The excitement of seeing all of the projects, meeting up with friends and enjoying a whole week of fair fun. my words of wisdom to a younger 4H member would be, it is okay to be nervous. Try different projects, show different animals. Perhaps not evident in the present, but stepping outside of your comfort zone through 4H will distill many life lessons that will benefit you.

  • Emma Gabhart - Bedford North Lawrence, Emma has been in 4-H for 10 years, Photography, Fine Arts, Consumer Clothing, Health, Sewing, Needlecraft Ivy Tech Nursing School then attend Purdue University for Public Health Leadership, how to teach, teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, time - management Working in the Junior Leaders food stand Go to all the events, camps and conferences that you can, even if you’re not a “people person”. Enjoy the time that you have in 4-H and all the lessons you learn.

  • Gavin Blake - Bedford North Lawrence High School, Gavin has been in 4-H for 10 years, and is part of Collections

I plan to go to Indiana University Southeast to study digital art. It helped me realize what interests me the most. Putting one of my projects in the exhibit hall for everyone to see. Always try to do what interests you most.

  • Graceann Bierbaum - Bedford North Lawrence , has been in 4-H for 10 years, Dairy Steers10Working in the Trades. 4H has taught me perseverance, animal husbandry and how to make friends. Most of my friends who has been life long friends, I have met through 4H.Getting stuck on the pirate ride with my friend Kaylee after our dairy show. Learn how to manage money at a young age.

  • Grant Thorne - Bedford North Lawrence High School Horse & Pony Club, Grant has been part of 4-H for 10 years. I plan to attend Ball State University for a major in Sports Administration and a minor in Business.4-H has taught me leadership, dedication, responsibility, and hard work. These are just a few of the things I have learned from 4-H over the years. I have made several lifelong friends and memories I will always cherish. Spending time with friends at the fair and horse camp. Even when it is hard keep working because it is very well worth it in the end.

  • Hanna Minton - Bedford North Lawrence High School, Hanna has been part of 4-H for for ten years. Goats and Photography 10Attending IU-Bloomington in the fall to double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology4-H has taught me responsibility, time management, & how to utilize my creativity Fair week hanging out at the barns and Friday Fun Nights Teamwork goes a long way and don't be afraid to try something new!

  • Hannah Burcham - Mitchell High School Photography and cooking Hannah has been part of 4-H for 10 years. Attending USI in Evansville in the fall with a major in Radiologic Imaging and Sciences Time management, communication, hard work, and a love for photography. Going to the state fair for fashion review. Find something you love and stick with it. Be true to who you are, and you will find yourself.

  • Jaida Blais - Mitchell High School Horses and has been a member of 4-H for10 years. I will be going to school to be an Esthetician.4-H has taught me to always work hard to accomplish my goals. Doing pig wrestling. Always keep your head up, even on the days where your show just isn’t going as you thought. Don’t give up.

  • Joe Ray Newton-Pursell - Owen Valley High School Meat Goats, Arts & Crafts, Photography and has been part of 4-H for 10 years. Attending Tennessee Tech University in the fall and majoring in Fishery Science and Wildlife Biology and joining the Tennessee National Air Guard Responsibility, creativity, self-reliance and hard work pays off. Winning Senior showmanship in goats! Enjoy all the new friendships and experience 4-H gives to you. These are days and memories you will wish to visit over and over in your mind through years to come. Appreciate your parents, step-parents, grandparents, family and friends for all the help, sacrifices and knowledge they give you over the years.

  • Joseph Brazzell Bedford- North Lawrence Rabbit10Attending IUPUC for nursing and play soccer Patience and persistence are key Water fights the last night of fair Make sure to have fun with it but take it seriously.

  • Josie Bailey - Mitchell High School Horse and Pony6I am going to college at Coastal Carolina to study marine science in the fall.4h has taught me that no matter how many times you fail. You always get back up and try again. It’s taught me how to be a leader and also work as a team at the same time. It’s also taught me honesty, resilience, and how to be brave and confident. My favorite 4h memory is the shaving cream fight every year, I love how all the barns come together and play a huge game of it.You can do anything you put your mind to, always try your hardest at everything you do and don’t be scared to try new things.

  • Katlyn Hall - Mitchell High School Gardening, Poultry Poster, Weather & Climate Science Poster, Geology Poster, Fine Arts, Any Other Craft, Recycling and been part of 4-H for 10 years I plan to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the University of Evansville.

  • Kaylee Bean - BNL Rabbits, cows and goats and I have been part of 4-H for 10 years. Becoming a pre- K teacher That it takes hard work to get things done! The first year I started showing cows I knew it was something I had fallen in love with! Never focus on the trophies and ribbons in the end they are just material things the memories matter most!

  • Mady Snack - Bedford - North Lawrence Horses currently attend IU Bloomington studying elementary education. I have been in 4-H for 10 years. 4H has taught me to be responsibility and problem-solving. My whole family coming to watch the horse shows and me getting to teach them about it. Don’t take it too seriously- have fun and make memories!

  • Mary Annika Batz - Bedford North Lawrence and Career Center, I have been in 4-h for ten years. I am entering a children's book I wrote into the Creative Writing category this year. I plan to attend Ivy Tech. I am currently working full-time at Playful Pathways Preschool (NLCS). 4H taught me competition. I enjoyed my Consumer Clothing project(s) the best!Get started on your projects early.

  • Natasha Caswell - Eastern- Greene Rabbits, I have been part of 4-H for 10 years. Goats, Poultry, and Exhibit Hall projects I plan on training to become a CNA 4H has taught me that you can learn something new from everyone that you meet Meeting new friends at 4H camp Don't be afraid to take chances and put yourself out there!

  • Nora Howat - BNL Jr Leaders, Photography and I have been part of 4-H for 10 years. I will be attending Purdue for a degree in agricultural education.

  • Rylan Perry Shoals High School Dairy beef steers Working and college. I have been part of 4-H for ten years. To be responsible & to have accountability. Beating my record each year at Libby’s. Work hard, stay busy, don’t be lazy, lead by example, and eat ice cream from Libby’s.

  • Trevor Hunter - Mitchell High School I have been part of 4-H for five years. Swine , Pursuing a career with the operator's union Responsibility, hard work, determination and to never give up on your goals. My favorite memory is probably just all the weeks I have spent with my friends at the fairgrounds. Friday night fun night and show day stand out the most. Show days because that’s your day to show off your animal and all your hard work. Friday nights because it’s full of laughs and everyone is just able to let loose and celebrate their hard work. To work hard and never give up. I know some days are hard and you don’t feel like putting in the work but it’s worth it in the end. Spend a lot of time and energy on your project so that everyone can see how hard you worked for it.

  • Trey Craig - Mitchell High School Beef and Rabbits, I have been in 4-H for 10 years. I plan to Pursue a Career in Nursing4-H has taught me a lot of responsibility, hard work, and how to work well with others. I think 4-H has made me into the person that I am today. My favorite 4-H memory was winning Supreme Heifer in 2021, because it had been a huge goal of mine for years. My biggest advice for the younger 4-Hers would be to cherish every moment you have in the show ring and all of the memories you make, 10 years goes by a lot faster than you think. Make sure to thank your parents and everyone who helps you to participate in your project. Don’t get caught up in all the awards and just enjoy being able to do what you love.

  • William (Billy) Cline - Bedford North LawrenceGoats and Cline has been part of 4-H for a total of 10 years. I will be attending USI in the engineering programTo continue trying when things get hard. Spending time with my family and friends. Enjoy you time in 4-h don’t stress over little things--

A.J. O'neal and Emma Stone.

Congratulations to everyone and success in their future careers.


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