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Mayor Jenkins Asked Whether Metal Sided Houses Should be constructed in Mitchell - They already are

MITCHELL - JULY 4, 2023 - Mitchell Mayor Nathan Jenkins asked the Mitchell City Council whether they should allow barn sided houses within the city limits.

Photo: A barn sided home is already built at 6th and Grissom Avenue in Mitchell

These homes are already being built within the City of Mitchell, and some have already been completed.

Therefore, Mitchell City Council would already have to amend or grant variances to the properties that have these homes on them.

The matter is already a moot point as the building permits for these structures have already been approved.

Photo: A home at 6th and Warren is expected to have barn siding on it

This issue highlights the issues surrounding the Mayor'S office, building commissioner's office and city council in enforcing existing ordinances, building codes, and making sure that the departments, residents and businesses are in compliance with them.

Mitchell City Council member George James have already asked why the city does not enforce its own ordinances in a previous meeting.

However, the Mayor's office, building commissioners, and city council members have not been able to apply the ordinances equally among its residents or businesses.

The Mitchell City Council is expected to take up this issue at the next city council meeting.


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