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Martin County Ambulance Service Seeking EMTs and Paramedics

MARTIN COUNTY - AUGUST 22, 2022 - Martin County Ambulance Service is looking to hire EMT's and Paramedics as they are currently operating off of an emergency license to provide 911 Ambulance Coverage.

This comes after on Monday morning at midnight the Knox County EMS notified the Indiana Emergency Medical Commission, they would discontinue to provide contracted ambulance service.

The contract with Martin County Commissioners was to provide on Paramedic Ambulance and one back up ambulance in the county for $250,000.

" We want the residents of Martin County to know we are operating a BLS ambulance to provide coverage at this time. We currently are hiring EMT's and Paramedics to provide Advanced Life Support in Martin County," said Jeremy Osborn who has been hired to oversee the new county operated ambulance service.

Martin County has purchased three ambulances to provide EMS coverage and equipment.

Currently, Dubois and Daviess Counties have been notified to expect to provide paramedic services while they are working through the current situation.

There are additional mutual aid agreements with Crane Naval Base and Lawrence County to provide additional ambulance coverage.

Anyone wishing to apply for employment can do so by email:

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