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Marion Twp. VFD Receives several pieces equipment thanks to support from several sources

MITCHELL - AUGUST 23, 2023 - Recently the Marion Township Fire Department has taken delivery of new equipment. The funds were obtained from different areas.

First, IU Lifeline donated a LifePak 15 to the department when they switched over to Zoll monitors. This replaced an older model, LifePak 12, and responds with their first out EMS vehicle Squad 54. The Lawrence County Community Partnership Foundation assisted with a grant for Marion Fire to purchase a 2nd LifePak 15 so that they can respond to 2 calls and have the same capabilities. "The Lifepak's let us take blood pressures, Oxygen saturation, Capnography, 4 or 12 lead EKGs as well as it works as an AED for full arrests. We can have all this information ready when the Paramedic arrives. The Paramedic can look at everything and start treatment sooner rather than having to hook everything up and then determine what is going on"

The Lawrence County Community Partnership Foundation also assisted with a grant for the department to purchase body armor for responders. "I know it might seem a little far out there as a scenario. However, when we responded to the shooting earlier this year, we had no idea if the scene was safe to enter. We only knew there were at least 3 people involved who needed immediate medical attention. So, we went in without knowing if the shooting had stopped. Now our personnel can respond with a little bit of protection for this kind of hazardous environment. The firefighters will have a little added protection for after the Police have secured the scene."

Lehigh made a donation to Mitchell and Marion Fire departments for equipment that might be needed at the construction site and for future use at the plant. Marion Fire purchased the rope rescue equipment needed for high angle and confined space rescue. "We replaced older rope and equipment that was about to expire. It sounds crazy, but yes, it does have an expiration date. We were able to purchase 900' of life safety rope, additional equipment such as repelling hardware, stokes basket, and an Arizona Vortex. The Vortex allows us to get out over the edge at a safe angle so that members and victims are not right up against a ledge. It will also work as a tripod allowing us to lower rescuers and raise victims and rescuers alike vertically from a confined space."

With the American Rescue Plan funds given by the Lawrence county government Marion Fire was able to purchase 4 Milwaukee battery powered scene lights, 2 Milwaukee battery powered Chainsaws, 2 Milwaukee battery powered rotary saws, 2 Milwaukee battery powered leaf blowers and 4 Milwaukee battery powered Positive Pressure ventilation fans. "Everything ran off of the Milwaukee M18 battery makes all the new tools have plenty of batteries for operations at a scene. We have conversion kits coming for the Chainsaws that will assist with ventilation at a fire, the fans for removing smoke, and lighting is something you never have enough of at a night time fire scene. And it seems counter-intuitive, but a leaf blower does wonders on assisting with knocking down grass fires."

Also with the American rescue plan funds Marion Fire was able to purchase a Rescue truck from nearby Loogootee Fire Department. "We absolutely outgrew the truck we were using for our rope rescue equipment. This truck will be used for several types of calls. Any Technical Rescue call, 2nd out on Motor Vehicle Accidents and extra equipment for structure fires. It will basically be an all hazards response."

"None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for the Lehigh plant, Lawrence county community partnership foundation or Lawrence county supplying us with a portion of the American Rescue Plan Funds. We can't express our gratitude enough for everyone involved in assisting us with updating all of our equipment."

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